Providence Point, Issaquah
Serving the Children of the World
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 Hi -  I’m Rex Smith, President of the Kiwanis Club of Providence Point, in Issaquah, Washington, one of the 8,600 Clubs worldwide, of which  most are in the U.S. Detailed information about Kiwanis International
and our club can be found in other places on our site, such as that several fund raising projects are held during the year.  These include a pancake breakfast, a dinner, and raffles.  In addition, the club holds its Annual Fund Drive within the Providence Point Community. Our club supports 18 Local Charities and 3 International Causes.  Finally, may I mix a little tickling of your fancy with pointing out some facts, via 2 short poems I wrote a few months ago.



Kiwanis is active all over the world,
Wherever, in fact, flags are unfurled.
Both kids and adults are in it’s purview
To dispense, or receive, whichever they’re due.


To organize its service is a real job,
Since clubs, in their areas, are ever having  to lob
Available benefits, from shoes to cozy tents,
To local area needy residents.


To serve in it’s ranks is a delight
Since to help a person in a real plight.
Gives both donor and donee
Calm satisfying moments of glee.


Now to round out this ditty of action
With it’s gift of prime satisfaction -
We’re all in this world together
To try to progress, whatever the whether.


There’s a Kiwanis Club in Providence Point,
Which spares no effort it’s work to anoint.
In the forefront of service it lays it’s claim
To be of help in whatever domain.


Issaquah has an active food bank,
For those who are down on their luck,
So we help them in finding their pluck,
Then they can raise their spirits and up-buck!


Compassion House also we help;
It supports mothers and children
Till the tide turns sufficient for self;
So in their own way they are befitten.


These two typify the many worthy
Causes we cheerfully support - were any one
To no longer need our relief and succor,
We’d switch those benefits to a needy another!